I.- Our Values

This Code of Ethics is fundamentally based on the Values that distinguish us at International Fulfillment and Distribution. These values rule and frame daily behavior and give way to this Code, which is part of our actions within the organization and will help us maintain a consistency firmly aligned with them.

  1. Respect:
  2. In our organization we value the dignity of the person, we promote their personal and professional development, and we appreciate their ideas and contributions. Consequently, we promote a decent work and the quality of life of our employees and their families.

  3. Integrity:
  4. Honesty, consistency, and austerity are our commitment, we speak the truth and act accordingly, we preserve the heritage of the company, the community, and the person.

  5. Responsibility:
  6. We assume responsibility for our decisions and actions, ensuring the fulfillment of our commitments and reliability before our clients, personnel, financial institutions, suppliers, shareholders, the community, and the environment.

Inspired by these values and guided by the culture that characterizes us, International Fulfillment and Distribution will continue its sustainable growth, thus maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit that has set us apart over time.

II.- Purpose of this Code

At International Fulfillment and Distribution, we understand that the success of our business lies in the trust of our clients, staff and, in general, of all our stakeholders. To safeguard this trust and preserve the well-being of our community, all Clients must adhere to this Code of Conduct.

III.- Scope of this Code

This Code of Ethics is mandatory for all of us who collaborate at International Fulfillment and Distribution, and it constitutes a set of basic principles of an enunciative nature.

IV.- Ethical standards

  1. Responsibility of Clients to our Employees
  2. Every International Fulfillment and Distribution Client must treat our employees, other customers, and other visitors to our establishment with respect and dignity, and they will not subject them to physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse.
    Clients are expected to refrain from offering International Fulfillment and Distribution employees any kind of bribery or illegal incentive, gifts, or other advantages as a result of their relationship with the Client.

  3. International Fulfillment and Distribution Requirements
  4. Every International Fulfillment and Distribution Client must comply with the requirements demanded by the International Fulfillment and Distribution staff, as well as provide updated and accurate information when necessary.

Every Client must fully comply with the laws, regulations, official and internal company standards so that an effective service can be provided.

V.- Administration:

To achieve the effectiveness of our commitment, and it is evident in each of the actions that we undertake in our daily work, we will keep this document always current, accessible, easy to understand and we will seek that in its application there are channels of solution to questions and specific cases that arise.

VI.- Failure to Comply:

All International Fulfillment and Distribution Clients agree to comply with the foregoing Code of Conduct. In the event of any violations of this Code of Conduct International Fulfillment and Distribution may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate any and all agreements with Client effective upon delivery of written notice of such violation.