Learn about the services we offer to help your business boost its potential in the E-Commerce market.

Our Services

  • E-Commerce

    E-Commerce Fulfillment

    Do you have an online store?

    We'll process your orders and ship them out

  • Fulfillment within the United States

  • Fulfillment within Mexico

  • Cross-border Fulfillment

  • Suscription boxes

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Distribution


    Do you want to sell your

    products in the U.S.?

    IFD can represent you.

  • Introduction into retail in the United States.

  • Retail relationship management.

  • Sample Fulfillment.

  • General liability insurance.

  • Brokerage


    Do you want to sell your

    products in the U.S.?

    IFD will facilitate the transactions between
    you and your buyers.

    How does it work?

  • 1- You make a sale to a buyer in the United States
  • 2- IFD invoices the buyer and collects payment.
  • 3- IFD charges you a commission fee for the transaction and transfers the payment to you.
  • Starting at 8% brokerage fee

  • Climate Controlled

    Climate Controlled Storage

    IFD has climate controlled self-storage

    units at our Texas location

    Available Units

  • 5 ft x 5 ft           $ 50
  • 5 ft x 10 ft         $ 68
  • 8 ft x 10 ft         $ 95
  • 10 ft x 10 ft       $110
  • 10 ft x 15 ft       $150
  • 10 ft x 17 ft       $155
  • 10 ft x 20 ft       $165
  • 10 ft x 25 ft       $185

  • Shipping & Mail

    Shippeng & Mail Services

    IFD can provide you with a personalized

    address to receive mail or packages.

    How does it work?

  • 1- Register with us.
  • 2- We’ll assign you a personalized address.
  • 3- Receive mail, packages, online shopping purchases, and more.
  • 4- Pick everything up at our Texas location or, if you are in Mexico, we can send it to you.

  • Distribution Center

    Distribution Center


    Do you need to send your goods

    to a distribution center?

    IFD can deliver your products to any
    distribution center in the United States.

  • FTL with company owned vehicles

  • Pallets or packages through partner

  • Warehousing


    Do you need storage?

    IFD can store you products at any
    of our three locations.

    How does it work?

  • 1- Choose an IFD location.
  • 2- Tell us what you want to store and how much.
  • 3- IFD charges you per cubic meter/pallet/35 cubic feet.
  • Starting at $25 USD

  • Import/Export

    Import / Export

    Do you need to send your

    goods to the other side of

    the US-Mexico border?

    IFD can arrange for the import and export of
    your products from the United States to
    Mexico or from Mexico to the United States.

  • International

    International Logistics

    Do you need to send your

    goods to the other side of

    the US-Mexico border?

    IFD offers full truckload (FTL) shipping with
    our own vehicles.

  • From Mexico to anywhere in the U.S.

  • From the U.S. to Mexico.

  • FDA
    U.S. Agent


    U.S. Agent

    Do you need to register your

    facility located outside of the U.S.?

    How does it work?

    IFD can register your Food &
    Beverage facility
  • - FDA Registration.
  • - FDA Renewal / Updates.
  • - DUNS Assistance